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 Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine

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Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  Empty
MessageSujet: Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine    Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  EmptyVen 28 Jan 2011 - 1:33

Citation :
Soon to be featured in the MST-01 sports tourer, the world’s first direct-injected, liquid-cooled V-4 motorcycle engine, comes from Motus Motorcycles. Aimed as a competitor for the Honda VFR 1200, the MST-01 motorcycle is scheduled to enter the market sometime next year. However, before the bike is completely finished, Motus provided us with a glimpse at the development of its KMV4 engine.

The video, which can be found below this article, shows the design of the KMV4 engine with 40mm throttle bodies, dual overhead valves and cam-driven fuel pump, producing a minimum 140 bhp at 7800rpm.

You might want to watch it to the end, as the guys also dyno tested the KMV4 so you will also get to hear how this beast sounds. And yes, we also felt the adrenaline rushing...

“We designed the KMV4 from a clean sheet because the ideal engine for a new American sport tourer did not exist. We needed the engine to offer a wide, smooth powerband, low maintenance and an exhaust note that only existed in our minds at the time,” Motus says.

“After studying all the various engine configurations, valvetrain options, fueling technologies, and bore/stroke combinations, the ideal engine platform for the Motus MST-01 emerged and we now call it the KMV4,” they added.

The guys at Motus Motorcycles also revealed the technical specs of the new KMV4 engine:

* Engine type - 1645cc (100ci) liquid-cooled 90º V4; dual OHV; pushrod; chain-driven single cam; hydraulic lifters
* Transmission - Motus 6-speed sequential gearbox; unit construction; wet multiplate clutch
* Bore x Stroke - 86.5mm (3.41in) x 70.0mm (2.75in)
* Compression - 11.5:1
* Valves - Intake Ø44.5mm (1.75in); Exhaust Ø36.8mm (1.45in); stainless steel
* Dimensions - 610mm (24in) L x 492mm (19in) W x 508mm (20in) H
* Performance - Minimum 140bhp @ 7800rpm; 162Nm (120lb-ft) @ 4500rpm; 8000rpm redline
* Materials - 356-T6 cast aluminum block and heads; forged steel crank, cam, rods; forged aluminum pistons; linerless Nikasil bore
* Firing order - 1 - 4 - 3 - 2
* Ignition Sequence - TDC - 345º - 435º - 630º
* Crankpin Offset - 75º
* Minimum Octane - 87

Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  New-140-bhp-kmv4-gdi-engine-from-motus-video-22123_1

Citation :
Motus Motorcycles, which are intensively working on developing the first V4-powered American sport touring motorcycle, partnered with Katech Engines to complete the world's first direct-injected V4 engine. Dubbed KMV4, the engine is destined to be used in Motus MST motorcycles, including the MST-01 and MST-R machines.

"To create the ultimate sport tourer, we had to either work around the shortcomings of available engines or develop a purpose built engine for our application," Brian Case, Vice President / Design Director at Motus, said in a release.

Domestically made street bikes are all currently powered by v-twin engines, which did not meet performance or efficiency targets for the MST concept.

"When researching quality engine builders, Katech was identified as a powerhouse of engine durability, engineering, and manufacturing," Lee Conn, President of Motus, said in a release. "Katech has over fifty endurance racing championships, experience developing new engines for OEM's, and access to the most advanced engineering and prototyping technologies. We couldn't be happier with our decision to retain Katech for the KMV4."

"Katech is thrilled to finally announce our involvement with Motus," said Fritz Kayl, co-founder of Katech. "The KMV4 is an exciting project that fits well within our capabilities and experience. We incorporated technology from our race programs to increase durability, performance, and efficiency. We are ahead of schedule and are refining the KMV4 into the most reliable motorcycle engine made," added Kayl.

"We didn't focus on maximum horsepower; we focused on heightening the rider experience. To us, that means tons of torque over a wide RPM range, low vibes, high efficiency and bulletproof durability. Enter the KMV4, a liquid cooled V4 with DI," said Case.

The KMV4 spec sheet can be found in the document attached below.

source :

Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  Motus-motorcycles-introduces-worlds-first-direct-injected-v4-engine-15628_1
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Nombre de messages : 1922
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Ma Buell : S1 Strike & X1 Viper

Date d'inscription : 26/08/2008

Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine    Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  EmptySam 5 Fév 2011 - 17:40

De très bonne augure tout ça, avec un cadre et un BO (à 1'00) qui ont l' air sympa, vivement la suite.. Twisted Evil
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Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine    Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  EmptySam 5 Fév 2011 - 23:36

Combien le joujoux ???
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Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine    Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  EmptyDim 6 Fév 2011 - 11:54

La vue du cadre et du BO, (à 1' sur la vidéo) permet de voir qu'ils prévoient un boite séparée... Shocked Donc doublement du nombre de carter et des plans de joint geek

On avait plus vu ça depuis la chute de l'industrie moto anglaise Laughing
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Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine    Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine  Empty

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Motus-The KMV4 GDI Engine
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